What is BendyStone

BendyStone is a natural stone product obtained from quarries around the world and is split from real slate. Sourcing our products from different geographical locations results in a stunning, natural product available in a colour to suit every application.

Because our products are exactly as nature created millions of years ago, every piece is different in stratus, three dimensional accentuation and feel, graining and variances of colour hues. Each piece has its own natural and individual beauty, making it impossible to “sequence” or match any two pieces for applications.

It requires a high degree of skill and “hands-on” labour to split the slate into very thin layers while applying a glass fibre reinforced polyester resin (GRP) for a strong bond producing the backing for the sheets of BendyStone. The high degree of adhesion achieved between the slate and the GRP makes the product more stable and adds amazing flexibility.

We also offer BendyStone in colours found in natural sandstone, a sedimentary rock consisting of grains of sand which mainly contain quartz. It is mined from sand pits in Northern Germany and bonded vertically with thermoplastic binders onto large sheets. The colour variations of the sand range from white quartz to dark brown.

Produced with great skill and experience, only from selected and suitable sand pits, the relief-like progressions of the sediment layers make each sheet a truly unique piece.

We apply a fabric mesh-structure for great flexibility.

Every product in our BendyStone range has an inherent and natural beauty, enabling designers to add a spectacular appearance, texture and a unique touch of luxury to an enormous variety of applications and locations.

To see BendyStone in action, click here.